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Author Topic: An All Seed Diet is Damaging To Your Birdís Health - by Patricia Sund  (Read 413 times)

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Seeds in moderation are very good to offer your parrot. And some parrots need more seeds than others. But to keep a bird on an all-seed diet is ultimately going to sacrifice their health.

Seeds contain fat.This fat is the fuel that provides the energy needed to turn into a plant. Sprouting the seed burns this fat and transforms the seed from one type of fuel into yet another. Once the seed sprouts, the fat is burned off and the life-giving nutrients begin to develop. It has transformed from a seed into plant and thatís where the nutrition begins to develop and the availability of those nutrients can be accessed through ingestion.

Seeds are also deficient in calcium and vitamins as well as other important minerals and this is something parrots need more of than an all-seed diet can offer. And the seeds that are available have been genetically altered to produce high quantities, so not only is an all-seed diet not balanced, the quality of these seeds is very low.

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