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Author Topic: Splendid Grass Parakeet - Neophema Splendida  (Read 492 times)

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Splendid Grass Parakeet - Neophema Splendida
« on: May 29, 2016, 12:02:22 PM »
They are hardy birds although they look very delicate. They can winter outside in aviaries that are protected from the worst of wind. I read that when the blocks of ice were exchanged for water in their pots, they started bathing immediately. As long as the birds can shelter in a dry part of the aviary, away from draughts, they come to no harm.

Feed them a good seed mixture and apple, carrot and green food.

Peat is a good material for putting inside the nest boxes. It compacts into a firm but is still soft enough for the hen to change it to her liking. Splendids will continue breeding for seven to eight years, the cocks for a little longer.
Try to disturb the sitting hen as little as possible. Once they have commenced incubation, leave them alone for about 25 to 26 days before checking that all is well. By this time most youngsters will have hatched.
Two rounds can be expected from each pair. They will try for a third if left, but this takes too much out of the parent birds.
A surprising number of colour mutations have appeared.

Please come share your experience and photos of these stunning birds.

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