By Tony Silva

My collection’s health is always the focal point of my daily activities. I look at every bird in detail every morning and I modify and change the diet according to seasonal needs, daily observations and more. One product that I constantly use in Wichai Danrattana’s Mixed Oil. This combination of nut oils (macadamia, walnut, almond, etc) in a human-grade quality is excellent for the birds, especially macaws and African Greys, which have high-fat requirements.

We provide the oil on great quality whole grain bread daily. In breeding trials, pairs given this quality oil instead of nuts responded exceptionally well, producing large clutches of fertile eggs. I prefer this means of administering oils over nuts, which can be contaminated with aflatoxins in our warm climate. You can also provide the oil on pellets; place it in a spray bottle and mist the pellets. If you do not overdo the spraying, the pellets will retain their integrity.

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