Today I feel very proud, blessed, and honored to be able to assist all bird lovers all over the world with the supply of information that will benefit all birds. If it’s a bird sitting on a high tree somewhere, a bird in an aviary, or a bird in a cage, we as humans have a responsibility for the wellbeing of all birds and this is what this magazine is about, information to preserve and look after all birds. Like in this edition:

We introduce the Macaw Recovery Network and One Earth Conservation, highlighting their amazing work and how you can support them. Dr. Nemetz highlights the most common toxins found in our homes that are not safe for our birds. There is an article about which finches can be kept together so that they don’t harm or kill each other. We dedicate a page on foraging and toy-making ideas, another on what plants are toxic to birds, Dr. Rina Dev highlights the handling and feeding of raptors when injured, etc.

In the article about bird photography by Brendon Levot, he was asked if he does any nesting photography, he answered: “No. I tend to steer clear of nesting photography. I find it a little bit unethical in the wild. If I am walking past a nest I might stop and take a quick snap and keep walking, but I won’t actively seek nesting birds.”

I thank everyone for their feedback, subscription, and participation. Together we will surely become the world’s leading bird publication for the wellbeing of our precious birds.

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