Rani’s surprise cabbage package
By Ilse Meyer

Make use of spinach leaves, mealie leaves, broccoli leaves, or kelp leaves to tie your parrot’s favorite snacks in. In mine, I used chilies, nuts, pumpkin seeds, muesli, carrots, cabbage, naartjie, sesame seeds, green beans, strawberry, and pomegranate. I make two at a time and keep one in the fridge for the next day.

cabbage leaves for parrots

You can even hang it up like a toy. They will enjoy it when you add some plain popcorn and rice cakes.

vegetables as a toy

In the next pic, you will see how the pots are steaming in the background. This steam is very good for parrots and their skin. (Especially in winter when they do not bath.) So, when you cook, allow your parrot to sit with you but DON’T ALLOW THEM ALONE FOR ONE SECOND WITHOUT SUPERVISION.

vegetables leaves for parrots

All photos – courtesy: Ilse Meyer

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