Dedicated to the protection of all owl species

Looking for our first non-profit bird conservation organization to support, it was easy to nominate the Owl Rescue Centre. Everybody is intrigued by these amazing birds and nobody would like to see them become endangered. Apart from their many conservation projects, Owl Rescue Centre is both a rehabilitation facility and a sanctuary for owls in need of care.

Owl Rescue Centre Projects:

Rehabilitation – Caring for sick, injured and orphaned owls and releasing them back into
the wild using researched release methods based on the specific needs of each species.
Owl House Project – To create a habitat for owls to nest in.
Owl-friendly Rat Traps – To end the use of harmful chemicals that causes secondary poisoning.
Release Enclosures – To reintroduce owls back into their natural environment, through a soft release program.
Hunting Platforms – To attract owls away from busy roads where there is high risk of colliding with vehicles.
Bat Houses & Bee Hives – To aid in the conservation of our biodiversity.
Awareness Campaigns & Education – To create a passion for nature and the biodiversity of
Southern Africa.
Plastic Recycling Drive – To offer a solution to the plastic waste that lands up in the oceans and environment.

Owl rescue centre dedication
DEDICATION This fella came in with an open wound full of maggots, always fun removing those.
Owl rescue centre recyling plastic
Join their efforts: This bag filled with plastic bottles or containers makes one Recycled Plastic Owl House.
Owl rescue centre owl house plastic
One of many owl houses made from recycled plastic.
Owl rescue centre education and awareness
More dedication - Education and awareness of Owls and Chimpanzees at the Rand Show.
Owl rescue centre website link
Click on photo to visit website.
Owl rescue centre facebook page
Click on photo to visit Facebook page.

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By Tony Silva


World Wide Birds magazine August 2018
World Wide Birds Magazine August 2018
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