Endoscopy – Tarzan or Jane?

By Dr. med. vet. Friedrich Janeczek

Most parrots and parakeets are monomorphic, so it is not clear from the outside whether the bird is male or female. Size, color shades, or behaviors are unfortunately also no reliable evidence for the sex of the bird.

There are several ways to determine the gender of a bird clearly: In the laboratory, the sex of the bird can be determined from a blood sample or a quill. This is now a fairly safe method, which is also cost-effective.

If you have the sex of the bird determined by endoscopy, I can look into the abdominal cavity of your bird. Endoscopy is so much more than just sex determination! Male or female is not everything you should know about your parrot!

A look at the internal organs of your bird shows me:
• if your bird is male or female
• if your bird has clear or cloudy air sacs (smoker’s lung?)
• whether your bird is fungal internally or carries encapsulated fungal granulomas
• whether your bird is suitable for breeding, ie in which state the sexual glands are
• if your bird has liver damage
• the condition of the kidneys
• Stomach, gizzards, and intestinal loops
• if your bird has formed fat deposits internally and much more.

Even with small birds endoscopy is certainly possible!

The endoscopy is bloodless – the incision is only about 2 mm in size and closes itself after the procedure by itself, if the muscle parts push themselves over each other again. It is performed under general anesthesia and always leads to clear results. There is no likelihood of confusion like in the laboratory. The bird is then tattooed on the right or left-wing to mark it clearly as a rooster or hen. Of course, you will receive a certificate from us with the individual findings.

Endoscopy procedure Dr. med. vet. Friedrich Janeczek

Endoscopy is not limited to the abdominal cavity: it is also possible to look into the trachea of the bird!

Dr. med. vet. Friedrich Janeczek website
Dr. med. vet. Friedrich Janeczek’s website.

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