Bird club links

Bird club links that are worth a visit and that we highly recommend.

Bird club links in Australia:

Australian National Pigeon Association

Gippsland Branch of Australian Aviculture Society Inc.

The South East Queensland Zebra Finch Society Inc

We have an active membership based in the South East Queensland region of Australia who meet on a regular basis at members’ homes to discuss the keeping, breeding, showing and general improvement of the quality of our favorite bird – the Zebra Finch. We hold regular shows for both members and the public and are actively involved in the Australian National Zebra Finch Show each year.

Thuringowa Bird Club Inc.

A non-profit organization based in Townsville, Queensland. The Club has been active in the promotion of bird keeping, in the local area, since March 1995 and is a social gathering of local aviculturists who have the common aim of sharing the joy and experience of keeping birds as a hobby.

Bird clubs in South Africa:

Rand Avicultural Society

Join South Africa’s leading Bird Keeping Club and meet others who share your passion for birding. The Rand Avicultural Society, based in the Gauteng area, is South Africa’s leading bird-keeping club. Its members specialize in South African, African, Australian, Asiatic, and South American Finches and Doves, as well as Softbills, Parrots, and Parrot-like birds.

Cacadu Aviculture Association

Bird club links

The Budgerigar Society of South Africa (BSSA)

Budgerigar Society for all who Breed and or Exhibit Show Budgerigars and Colour Budgerigars (Normals). The Budgerigar Society of South Africa (BSSA) is the only Society in South Africa recognized by the World Budgerigar Organisation.

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