Parrot behaviour eBook

Parrot behaviour eBook – Content creator: Petrus Albertus van Tonder

Parrot behaviour eBook

Firstly, I would like the following professionals for giving us permission to publish their articles so that our birds can thrive and have a happy life.

Hildegard Niemann from Parrot Behavior Consulting, Laura Miles, Kashmir Csaky, Tony Silva, and Dr. Nemetz. As well as Parrotainment for their valuable information charts about parrot plucking.

Laura Miles in her opening paragraph says what this eBook is all about:

“By introducing such a magical creature to our domestic setting, I often wonder just how much the Parrot was thought about, less than their colors & song I bet. Parrots are not well suited to captivity at all, their mental & physical health suffers greatly when made to live without another Parrot of their kind in an artificial environment without adequate nutrition. Whether you own a Parrot or not, please come on this magical journey with me & discover just a few of the needs of a Parrot, you never know when you could help a Parrot’s life improve.”

Parrot behaviour eBook – Parrot plucking questions answered

“My Amazon is plucking, what medicine can I use to get it to stop?” “My caique was feathered last night, this morning it is naked. The bottom of the cage is lined with feathers. What can I do.” “Each day my cockatoo pulls out a few feathers. How can it be stopped?” These types of questions get answered in the valuable eBook.

Parrot behaviour eBook – Bonding and Breeding Behavior in Pet Parrots

From Kashmir Csaky in this eBook: “How is the word “bonding” applied to parrots? Technically it means that a pair of parrots are monogamous —they are bonded to each other. In colloquial terms, bonding implies that a human and a parrot have a deep relationship that goes beyond friendship and is similar to a healthy family bond among human family members.”

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