My e-books don’t contain any food items starting with an I, therefore I thought I would tell you more about the Illiger’s macaw.

Illiger's macaw
Illiger’s macaw Photo courtesy: Wikipedia
Also known as:
Blue-winged macaw
Scientific Name: Primolius maracana
Found in central and eastern South America.
Similar in appearance.
Life Expectancy:
50 to 60 years.
Nest box:
12” x 12” x 24” (30.5cm x 30.5cm x 61cm) vertical box.
Usually, produce two eggs.
Approximately 29 days to hatch. Young blue-winged macaws learn to fly about 11 weeks after they have hatched.
More info: Listed as near threatened.
From Tony Silva: Breeding macaws have once deemed a challenge. Today all species are being bred worldwide and except for the Red-bellied, all have been bred to multiple generations and could be regarded as established in aviculture. The most willing breeder is the Blue and Gold, followed by the Military and Scarlet. The Green-winged, Buffon’s, and Blue-throated Macaws, along with the other species, follow in their willingness to nest. The Severe and Hahn’s are the easiest of the smaller species. Illiger’s Macaws can prove easy or difficult breeders, this depending more on the individual pair than on the aviary conditions under which they are housed. The Yellow-collared Macaw was once readily bred but was not established in many countries. Today a shortage of hens seems to militate against establishing the species.

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