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Bird magazine subscription – Content creator: Petrus A. van Tonder

bird magazine subscription

Every avian enthusiast and bird-keeper wants to improve their knowledge to be more equipped with the skills that are required to be a confident and competent aviculturist.

Whether you just want to learn how to look after your own feathered friends or want to have a bird-related career, it is important to know how to choose the right birds that suit your individual needs or those of a customer and how to look after them properly.

By reading our magazine you will be able to work with birds in the correct manner and have a sound understanding of how the bird industry works. World Wide Birds Magazine publishes only the best articles from bird professionals all over the world.

In our Premier edition professionals share their bird knowledge with us. Just to mention a view:

Tony Silva, Jean Pattison, Dr. Nemetz, Margie Frayne, Graham Guthrie, Bob Wilson, Dr. Rina Dev, Dr. LoraKim Joyner, David Waugh, etc.

A bird magazine subscription can answer questions like:

What is the relationship between calcium and phosphorus?

Why would my Plum Heads not lay eggs?

What can I do to eliminate polyomavirus from becoming a problem in my aviaries?

Which conures are the most popular and which ones should I choose to breed? And how do I breed these conures?

Why are there so many hand-fed babies being sold into the pet market?

What factors should be considered before I actually buy a bird?

How do I manufacture HERBAL TEAS and TINCTURES?

How do I protect my birds from predators?

What is the natural habitat of the Golden-shoulder parrot?

How can I use garlic to protect against mites and intestinal parasites?

Is there a perfect way to keep and breed budgies?

What is the risk of contracting avian flu for housebound pet birds?

How are yellow-crested cockatoos being protected in the wild?

What do I do if a bird escaped?

What birds are listed on Cites and what is Cites all about?

All these questions get answered in just our February Premier edition. And for the cost of only $4. ($48 subscription for one year.) In South Africa that would be only R38 (R460 subscription for one year.)

I am quoting Sherryl Dickerson from Facebook: ” I love all the information you keep sharing even after 18 years of having bird’s I’m still learning.”

World Wide Birds magazine subscription is available on this page:

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