Bird magazines free

Our Standard bird magazines are free to download from this website.

World Wide Birds magazines are monthly magazines that include articles about conservation, aviculture, and birding.

Bird magazines free

Birds magazines free section:

There is a wealth of information included in each edition. Regular articles included in each Standard edition (Normally 40 pages):

Avian Health Tips
Feedback and announcements
Instagrammer of the Month
Instagrammer photographer of the Month
Bird of the year – South Africa
Websites worth a visit
Subscribers and sponsors index
News about budgies from AWEBSA
Keeping and breeding finches
Cites Birds
Herb of the month
Feeding tips from Parrotainment
Loro Parque Fundación article
Birder-friendly accommodation and birding services
One Earth Conservation news
Owl Rescue Centre news

We also feature our sponsors and Premier magazine subscribers with articles they supply to us in the free magazines:

Die Wonderwêreld van Watervoëls book
Parrot Behavior Consulting (PBC)
Monika’s Mac Nuts
Feather Tails Therapy
Safari West
Dinner Date With Your Birds book
Parrotainment SA
MDS Africa
Harrison’s Products
Gulu Private Resort
Birding Los Cabos, México
Avian Vets

Birds magazines Premier section:

The Premier edition that is available to subscribers has regular articles covering: (Normally another 50 pages.)

We select a species each month to feature as our main article. For example, in January 2022 we featured Turacos and in the February 2022 edition, we featured Toucans.

Hyacinth macaws – monthly progress report on the life of Jedi from chick to adult.


Parrot behaviour

Bird health






Cites birds

Here is a link for more information about the January 2022 edition:

More information about the magazine on this blog post:

Apart from the bird magazines free Standard edition, you can also subscribe to the Premier edition and receive the following benefits:

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