Bird medication

This month we are recommending the following 6 bird medication products:

  1. Mediworm Powder
Mediworm Powder

A broad spectrum deworming powder for cage and aviary birds.

  • Highly effective against Roundworm, Hairworm and Tapeworm.
  • Extremely safe, causes no regurgitation and is very economical.
  • Easy dosing instructions.
  • To be mixed with the soft food or seed – special base makes it easy to mix and palatable.
  • May be used in the breeding season.
  • Mediworm is the golden standard in routine deworming.
  • Not water soluble

2. Medimune Powder

Medimune Powder

A powerful immune activator and potent anti-oxidant. Recommended as a general preventative, nutritional supplement, and an aid in treating viral diseases.

  • Pigeons and birds with impaired immunity from any cause, including Circo virus, Adeno-virus, and Paramyxo virus infections and Young Bird Disease.
  • Pigeons with high occurrence of infectious diseases e.g. E-coli, Salmonella (Paratphoid), and recurrent respiratory disease.
  • Pigeons and birds under high levels of stress e.g. racing or breeding.

Great info about parrot medication.

3. Entero-Plus


Avian origin, natural intestinal flora and intestinal immuno-stimulant.

  • Unique combination of the avian strain of natural intestinal flora combined with gut immunostimulant Beta –1,3 Glucan.
  • Will increase vitality, fertility and performance by preventing the colonization of harmful viruses and bacteria in pigeons’ and birds’ intestines.
  • May be added to the drinking water or via the food.
  • It is advised that pigeons or birds treated with any antibiotics, also be treated with Entero-Plus for the duration of the antibiotic treatment.
  • To be given two to three times a week on a regular basis to optimize its beneficial effects.

4. Premolt 5

Premolt 5 Medpet

Vitamin/ mineral/ trace element and amino-acid supplement for the single cage bird.

  • An aid in the prevention and treatment of feather plucking.
  • Premolt 5 is uniquely formulated as a total supplement for single cage birds.
  • Routine use in the drinking water three times per week is recommended for all birds.
  • Use daily during periods of stress, disease, feather plucking or during the moulting season.


Tylodox Medpet

Combination respiratory remedy for pigeons for the treatment of Mycoplasmosis, Chlamydia and Ornithosis

  • Specially formulated for pigeons.
  • Antibiotic combination containing Doxycycline and Tylosine Tartrate.



A broad spectrum water-soluble antibiotic for the treatment of a wide range of bacterial diseases in pigeons and birds.

  • High concentrations of the Amoxycillin antibiotic makes it unique in treating life-threatening infections of amongst others, the lungs and gut, e.g. E.coli and Salmonella.
  • Fortified with vitamins to speed up recovery.
  • Very safe with minimal side effects.
  • Very safe for use in the breeding season even while youngsters are in the nest.

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Medpet The scientific Alternative

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Dr Barton Huber DVM

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