Dinner Date With Your Birds:

The Ultimate Nutrition Guide To Herbs, Fruit, Seeds & Nuts For You and Your Birds!
By: Braam Schutte

Dinner Date With Your Birds is the ultimate nutrition guide to herbs, fruit, seeds & nuts for you and your birds! It is a comprehensive overview of the inherent value herbs have in our daily lives. It provides a natural approach to maintaining the health and well-being of birds and humans.

Herbs can be used as natural antibiotics and food supplements rather than using products with chemicals, hormones, and additives that introduce unknown substances into our bodies. With its full color, 101 pages, each element is detailed with an image, description, nutritional value, and healing properties. Included with mixes and recipes, this is a practical guide that is a perfect addition to any kitchen and that can be referred to daily when making mixes and salads.

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Dinner date with your birds

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