WWB Colouring Book

The aim of this e-book is to assist and teach yourself and your children the correct bird colours for the identification of birds.

The first 18 bird photos are from the front pages of our magazine. You need to refer to these magazines for the correct colours. Therefore, I mentioned above each photo to which magazine edition to refer to. These front pages can also easily be printed.

The remaining bird photos have the colour photos included in this e-book and reference to the page is stated above each photo. Printing these pages in colour will make it much easier.

I would love to publish more colouring books to include more countries, follow the dots photos, LBJ’s (little brown jobs) and any recommendations from your side. Therefore, I would love to receive your feedback and recommendations to make upcoming colouring books a success.
My email address: admin@wwbirds.co.za

Then I need to thank all photographers for their permission to use their photos. Without your great photography, this book would not have been possible. I am also inviting all other bird photographers to contact me for the including of their photos in upcoming editions as well as for the magazine.