Pdf bird magazine Vol6No12

Welcome to Pdf bird magazine Vol6No12

I look forward to a festive season for a well-deserved rest and to spending more time on the January magazine. I am feeling great as I have stopped smoking after 42 years.

Our main article this month is about the Pastel mutations of the Pennant Rosella by Louis Bothma. There are many breeders who cannot live with a couple of hundred cages containing African Greys where the succeeding generations all look identical and have to be hand-reared. For these breeders, mutation breeding presents an interesting and challenging alternative.

In the birds’ health section, Dr. Rina Dev has a short article about feather plucking and self-mutilation commonly seen in captive birds. The most common reason is stress, not enough enrichment, and boredom.

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. I hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year. Season’s greetings.

Petrus Albertus van Tonder and
The World Wide Birds team
(you the subscribers and the sponsors)

Pdf bird magazine Vol6 No12

Pdf bird magazine Vol6No12

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