Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Feedback from subscribers:

Of course, I was happy about the front page. Everybody I know took a screenshot of the front page and got the link to your website. I got to brag and hopefully, you get more people to follow you.

I enjoyed the Premier edition very much, so many interesting articles, learned so much.
I cannot wait for the next edition.

Natasha Smal

Thank you for sending me the premier edition of your August 2019 magazine. You spent a lot of work to put all this information together.
Thank you for posting the mutation macaws on your Facebook profile. Yes, we got about 5 inquiries for them. Unfortunately, all of them just want to know their price. There was nobody seriously interested who could afford these extremely rare “diamonds” for a high-end parrot breeding collection. Let see, maybe after this issue, somebody seriously interested will come…
Please continue your efforts for this great magazine.

Dr. med. vet. Friedrich Janeczek

You put this great magazine together every month!! I really enjoyed the article “SO! You’re Gunna Build a Finch Aviary Then? “ By Marcus Pollard. He has a nice style that builds confidence. I was surprised to see my article on how to make Fruit Fly Bowls on pages 32 and 33.

Nancy Ingram

You have taken on a huge job in trying to cover so many species of birds but your magazine seems to have something for everyone. It is very impressive. The only thing I don’t like is the 2 column format which is a bother if the magazine is not printed out and a person has to scroll to the top of the page to continue reading. If one column were text and the other pictures or advertising it might solve what I perceive as a problem.
I have attached an article for your consideration. I will not be offended if you choose not to use it but let me know one way or another.
Thank you, Jim, just the feedback I am looking for. The two-column format is mainly designed for smartphone readers to make full use of the reading mode in Adobe. I am working on it to see how we can improve the reading experience for both laptop and cell phone readers. Thank you very much for the article, it is in this edition.

Jim Smith

I read the USA one on the plane today (I’m in Atlanta, GA for the ExoticsCon conference). I liked it, especially Tony Silva’s article as I have read his stuff before and know some of the people he refers to in his article. The diet one was excellent. They did not sugar coat the recipes and make it look too easy It’s important to follow directions on those, don’t cut corners as that’s when bacterial and fungal contamination can happen.
Also, saw my business card ad!! Take care and God Bless.

Barton C Huber, DVM (Dr. Bart)
Animal Medical Center of Corona

Readers of Standard edition:

Thank you, Petrus, it’s very special and I enjoy every edition. Many thanks for your hard work to make each edition so special for the readers.

Marilise Barnes

Thank you very much for your Magazine which I found very interesting. I am the Secretary for the Geelong Canary Improvement Society Inc. and I will pass it along to our members. (We only have 42 members but they will all be interested.)
Thank you once again.
Les Burke