Bird health books for sale

Bird health books for sale


A Parrot’s Healthy Dining – GO RAW!: Avian Nutritional Guide and Recipes for All Species

Choosing the right diet for your parrot is crucial to its overall health…
The right diet can have a massive impact on your bird’s overall health and improve their quality of life significantly. This book takes you through various topics with the most up-to-date information on avian nutrition and points out some important facts that every parrot owner should be aware of. Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, explains the importance of feeding your pet bird a species-appropriate diet, and why it is best to closely mimic a bird’s native diet and include an abundance of fresh, live, whole foods.Dr. Jamie Abete, DVM, helps you understand why some veterinarians can be reluctant to recommend fresh foods. She walks you through the dietary needs of certain species of birds such as macaws, lorikeets, and lories, Eclectus, as well as explains how important is to keep your parrot’s gut bacteria in balance and the effects of supplementation with probiotics.

Bird health books for sale – A Parrot’s Fine Cuisine Cookbook: and Nutritional Guide Paperback

What we feed our birds has a direct effect on their health and happiness. Avian experts continue to see poor nutrition as the cause for many serious illnesses, even death, in parrots. This book offers articles from Dr. Jason Crean, Dr. Stephanie Lamb, and Vlogger Marlene Mc’Cohen on the importance of raw whole foods, the nutritional powerhouse of soaking and sprouting, avian teas, safe and toxic foods, getting your bird to eat vegetables, pros and cons of pellets, a 12-page nutritional list, and much more.

A Parrot’s Fine Cuisine Cookbook & Nutritional Guide will give you insights into the evolving topics of avian nutrition. Join us in our mission to raise the bar of parrot health through increased dietary diversity. You will also find over 60 unique and healthy recipes for your VIP companion. Karmen Budai has created these recipes with love and passion to offer the best we can in avian nutrition. A Parrot’s Fine Cuisine Cookbook is a beautiful 8×10 book with full-color photos, illustrations, or charts on almost every page.

A Parrot’s Healthy Meal Planner: Easy Recipes to Help You Feed Your Bird a Balanced Nutritional Diet

Structured seven-day meal planner that will teach you how to prepare fresh, nutritious, and diverse meals for your pet bird with 25 recipes covering breakfast, snack, and dinner.

Are you a parrot owner who’s still trying to find the best diet to feed your pet? We all want a happy and healthy parrot but with all the information out there it can be hard to know where to start. From the author of “Parrot’s Fine Cuisine Cookbook and Nutritional Guide”, “A Parrot’s Healthy Meal Planner” is your blueprint to ensuring your feathered friend grows up to be as healthy as it can be.

Whether you’re a new owner who wants to know how to get started on your parrot raising journey or even a current owner who wants to transition your current pet bird to a healthier diet – this book will help you get there. No longer will you have to worry about what to feed your pet bird next. This easily structured seven-day meal planner will teach you how to prepare fresh, nutritious, and diverse meals; show you step by step how to grow sprouted grains, seeds, and legumes; and help you understand the health benefits of soaking nuts and grains for your bird. You can plan various meals and dishes ahead of time using our parrot shopping list; a convenient checklist that will help make your life easier when shopping for your pet.

Articles from Dr. Stephanie Lamb will walk you through proper techniques to tame those fussy beaks while transitioning to raw whole food as well as help you understand the importance of avian herbal teas in your bird’s diet. You’ll also find the truth behind common myths and how to make sure your bird eats only the cleanest foods possible.

Join us on our mission to improve the health of parrots far and wide by showing owners the benefits of dietary diversity!

What the flock do I feed my parrot?: A compilation of various subjects pertaining to parrot nutrition

This book contains over 40 fun and easy to make nutritious recipes and smoothies which will be relished with every beak full. The recipes include ingredients which can be found in any supermarket. There are recipes for picky eaters, introducing pellets, summer recipes, winter mash recipes and delicious treat recipes. Sprouts have essential proteins, vitamins and minerals which a parrot’s body needs. This book includes an easy to follow guide to sprouting and lists all the safe seeds, nuts, grains and legumes you can sprout. There are many feeding myths out there and this book will debunk many of them for you. Learn all this and much more…

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