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We promote companies through our Influencer services.

Why are World Wide Birds a preferred and desirable method to advertise and promote your business?

  1. We started publishing the magazine since 2016, growing each year and publishing valuable information to our readers.
  2. We have over 10 000 approved, worldwide email addresses.
  3. We have a big social media presence, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, MeWe and X.
  4. Our websites are fully indexed with Google Search Console. We have more than 120 blog posts and pages that are indexed to appear on Googles first page.
  5. Our website is also fully searchable and our categories in the left column make it easy to find existing information.
  6. We link relevant websites in these blog posts to your business website for more exposure.
  7. For SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we make use of Yoast to optimize our website to get more traffic from search engines and users.
  8. We have a great relationship with other Facebook groups where we post our website blog posts with valuable information.
  9. We update our social media friends and followers updated by deleting inactive friends and followers and adding new ones daily.
  10. Our websites have Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS). HTTPS is encrypted in order to increase security of data transfer.


Is your magazine and website advertising limited to bird products and services?

NO, any type of business is welcome to make use of our services.

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We distribute the Standard Edition through e-mail contacts, WhatsApp groups, and the download page.

If you are interested to advertise in our magazine, please contact me by email.


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