The New Incubation Book

The New Incubation Book By Dr. A.F. Anderson Brown & G.E.S. Robbins

Book review

This updated edition is recommended for anyone interested in the incubation of bird and reptile eggs. The scientific approach makes it useful for caged birds, pheasants, waterfowl, ratites, and reptiles. Chapters include egg structure and formation, Fertility, Hatchability, Natural hatching, Incubator hatching and techniques, and Brooding and Rearing. Also includes a Table of incubation times, a Problem-solving chart, a Fahrenheit to Centigrade table, and a Wet-dry bulb table.

“The Incubation Book” was the title of Dr. Arthur Anderson Brown’s original highly acclaimed book on this subject, which was reprinted four times. It was revised and updated in 1994 with many new photographs and an additional chapter. Now, the whole book has been revised again by G E S Robbins to include the advances in incubator manufacture and the latest incubation techniques in current use. The book is particularly recommended for all who are interested in incubation whether it be for pheasants, waterfowl, parrots, birds of prey, ratites, or many other unusual species, including reptiles. Brown’s scientific approach to his subject makes the book of great value for college and university courses that include Zoology, Embryology, and Incubation. The practical research of the authors has resulted in incubators with sophisticated electronic control of temperature, turning, and humidity. These are now manufactured commercially for use around the world. Dr. Anderson Brown’s original ideas have been developed into some of the most advanced and successful equipment available.

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252 pages
Normally sells for over R500
Condition: Excellent 

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The New Incubation Book

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