Avian record keeping

Avian record keeping

After purchasing your precious companion bird, I am sure you would be interested to create a file to keep records. A guide you can use to answer valuable questions when you need answers for medical and behavioral concerns. This will assist you in better understanding your bird’s behavioral conditions.

What documents can you keep in this file?

Hatch certificate

Vaccination certificate

Medical records

Weight chart

Lesson progress chart

Avian Companion Health and Record-Keeping checklists

Hari has you covered with recommendations they have compiled in PDF format. PDF downloads are available for the following species:

Mealy Amazon Health and Record Keeper

The Mealy Amazon can have a large vocabulary and vast array of tunes, rarely shy, it usually loves to entertain.

Orange-winged Amazon Health and Record Keeper

The orange-winged amazon is one of the most affectionate and sociable of the amazon species commonly kept as pets.

Green-winged Macaw Health and Record Keeper

Green-winged Macaws have an impressive aptitude for learning. They are also one of the largest of the Macaw species kept as a companion.

Quaker (Monk) Parakeet Health and Record Keeper

Quaker parakeets are reputed to have an expansive personality and some can even learn to be good talkers.

Double Yellow-headed Amazon Health and Record Keeper

The Double Yellow-headed Amazon is rarely shy and usually loves to entertain!

Budgie (Parakeet) Health and Record Keeper

Budgies are extremely intelligent, playful, and active they love to explore, forage and learn new tricks.

Cockatiel Health and Record Keeper

Cockatiels make a sweet, calm, and gentle companion pet. They have tremendously friendly characters and impressive whistling abilities.

Pacific Parrotlet Health and Record Keeper

The parrotlet being the tiniest of parrots in the world, they have a strong charismatic personality and a powerful beak for their size!

Click on the screenshot to visit Hari’s website to download these amazing Avian Companion Health and Record-Keeping checklists:

Avian Companion Health and Record Keeping pdf download link

You can also have a look at this post to see what else are available to download:

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Thank you so much for this information. Just what I needed for my new cockatiel. Gonna download it from Hari and start filling in.
Great work 🙂

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