Carrots for birds (Nutritional Value)

Carrots for birds – Content creator: Petrus A. van Tonder

Carrots for birds

Another World Wide Birds feeding tip for birds brings us to carrots as it’s so popular, freely available, and is used in about every chop dish.

Beneficial effect on the liver. Contain Vit A, B3, and B6. Calcium, potassium, and sodium.

Carrots also contain high amounts of beta carotene. This may lead to skin discoloration. Therefore, carrots should not be in every feeding.

Carrots contain soluble fiber which keeps your bird’s cholesterol levels in check and promotes regular bowel movements.

Carrot skin can also be fed. As well as the green tops. The carrot tops contain oxalic acid and should therefore be fed in moderation.

Carrots support the kidneys to eliminate waste from the system. It also supports eye health.

About carrots from Johnny King:

When we put carrots through the juicer we feed the pulp to the parrots. In addition, we either drink the juice ourselves or add some to the Lori Drink. We make up a Smoothy for the Lories every early afternoon containing Scotch finger biscuits, dextrose, apple pure, multivitamin juice, calcium, and Insectapro. The pure varies depending on the available fruit.

About carrots from Tony Silva:

These vegetables (carrot, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes) are offered steamed, which breaks the fibers to give access to the important nutrients.

Carrots are also on this information chart from Parrotaiment SA:

Our e-book, 101 Food Items For Birds, contains much more World Wide Birds feeding tips for birds. Please click on the button for more information:

You might also be interested in feeding beetroot for your birds:

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have anything about carrots to share with us.

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