Beetroot for birds

Beetroot for birds – Content creator: Petrus A. van Tonder

Beetroot for birds

Beetroot is rich in vitamins (vitamin B9 and vitamin C) and minerals (iron, manganese, and potassium). It is a good source of fiber. Choose beets that have healthy, fresh-looking tops and root bulbs.

Budgies, canaries, parrots, and cockatiels love beetroot. Beets are one of the top veggies for red factor canaries for their pigmentation properties.

The normal dark varieties have very high pigmentation, therefore their juice will leave stains. You can rather choose between golden or white beets to prevent this problem.

Serving suggestions of beetroot for birds:

  • Always use fresh beetroot and leaves.
  • Beetroot can be served raw or cooked.
  • A great ingredient to add to your chop.
  • You can also feed the leaves and it contain fiber.
  • Beetroot, like all other vegetables, should be washed thoroughly to remove dirt and pesticides.
  • Do not feed your birds canned or tinned beets as it contains a lot of sugar.
Beetroot for birds

You can see in my photo the finely chopped beetroot in my chop mix. Serving this way minimizes the messy part. Beetroot has a reputation for messy food because of the stain it creates.

Bonus tip:

Staying with B: BEAN SPROUTS
The only beans you should ever sprout are adzuki, mung, and garbanzo. Any other beans should be cooked.

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