Zaagkuilsdrift birding and Kgomo-Kgomo route

Zaagkuilsdrift for birding also includes the Kgomo-Kgomo route. It is a very well know and great birding area with more than 430 species. It is located in the Pienaarsriver area of the Limpopo province. It’s about 50 km north of Pretoria.

There is a 25 km gravel road that birders travel on to look for birds. I added the Zaagjkuilsdrift Lodge coordinates into my GPS. The Zaagkuilsdrift Bird Sanctuary and Lodge map can be found on their website:

I highly recommend the Zaagkuilsdrift Bird Sanctuary and Lodge as they specialize in bird watching and birding tours. They also run a Southern Ground-Hornbill project and Wattled Crane Project. There are two bird hides, one with a raised deck and a smaller one with a lot of birding opportunities.

They also have a Facebook group that you can join where they advertise some great special on accommodation and birding days:

Road-side birding is very popular along the Zaagkuilsdrift Road to the flood plains around Kgomo-Kgomo. In the rainy season, a 4×4 must be used.

Zaagkuilsdrift birding habitats:

It covers great Acadia-dominated woodland from low open scrub to mature Kalahari-like savanna with Camelthorn trees. With good rainfall, the floodplain is changed into grassland. The MCPA dam, which needs special arrangements to access, but a part of the dam can be seen from the road, offer great Acadia woodland.

Black-faced Waxbill

Purple Roller Zaagkuilsdrift
Purple Roller
Scaly feathered Finch Zaagkuilsdrift
Scaly-feathered Finch
Southern Red billed Hornbill
Southern Red-billed Hornbill
White browned Sparrow Weaver
White-browned Sparrow-Weaver
Magpie Shrike Zaagkuilsdrift
Magpie Shrike
Village Indigo bird Zaagkuilsdrift
Village Indigobird
Ratling Cisticola Zaagkuilsdrift
Ratling Cisticola

Zaagkuilsdrift for birding is an amazing site to visit. Please leave a comment for us about your visit there or if you have anything else to share with us. What birds did you see? How was the road?

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Zaagkuilsdrift birding content creator: Petrus A. van Tonder

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