Bird watching for beginners

Bird watching for beginners

Bird watching for beginners. Bird watching is a fascinating hobby and I hope I can assist you getting started in this blog post.

Equipment this is normally used for birding includes binoculars, a camera or smartphone. A field guide to see what birds are available in the area you are looking for birds. A notepad is also recommended to record your findings. When you go to birding spots you can look for hides where you can conceal yourself from birds as well as to improve your viewing conditions.

Twitchers are committed bird-watchers who travel long distances to see a rare bird that would then be ticked, or counted on a list.
Twitch: The act of traveling a long distance to see a rare bird. Synonymous with chase.

I will now share my birding journey with you.  

My first photograhic journey was with a Maxtek 4K Action Camera that I got from my brother,Johann, as a present. Thanks again Johann. 

Maxtek 4K Action Camera
With the Maxtek I can record video and capture
single photos.
Maxtek 4K Action Camera battery charging
The battery gets charged by connecting
the USB cable to your computer.

Apart from the video and photo modes, it also has a burst photo mode and time-lapse mode. The magic of this camera is that I can mount it on a pole next to the birdbath, connect the wireless connection, and while working on the magazine in the lounge, take photos with my cellphone.

Maxtek 4K Action Camera mounting

My first photo with this camera:

Maxtek 4K Action Camera bird photo taken
Maxtek 4K Action Camera bird photo taken.

The biggest drawback is that the wi-fi does not keep its connection for too long and I wanted better.
Bird watching for beginners continues in the next blog post.

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