Weaver Southern Masked

Southern masked weaver

The Southern Masked Weaver is my very first bird I photographed at Muldersdrift, Johannesburg in South Africa during September in 2017.

Southern masked weaver

This photo was taken with a Canon Legaria HF R76 camcorder.

Weavers in aviaries:

Weavers are also very popular among finch keepers. The article “Weavers and Whydahs (Part I)” is available in the December 2021 Premier magazine. “Weavers and Whydahs (Part II)” is available in the January 2022 Premier edition.

Aviary layout is important with three main requirements – water, longish grass, and reeds. The grass is required for nesting sites with the majority of nests built 12 inches from the ground and all nests face surface water. A pool is required in the aviary. Also in the pool reeds should be planted giving the cock bird a platform to display from, but more importantly to give him material to build the initial entrance circle of the nest.

More information:

Weavers can be found in parts of Europe and Asia but by far the majority come from the African continent. They most likely received their common name by the way several types built their nests by literally weaving fine grasses or vegetation into a compact but very strong work of art.

The southern masked weaver nests in colonies, mainly from September to January. Males have several female partners and build a succession of nests, typically 25 each season. The nests, like those of other weavers, are woven from reed, palm, or grass. A female will line a selected nest with soft grass and feathers. The nest is built in a tree, often over water, but sometimes in suburbia. This weaver also nests in reeds.

If you are interested in keeping and breeding finches, this eBook will get you started: https://www.wwbirds.co.za/dir/keeping-and-breeding-finches-2nd-edition-e-book/

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