Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary – Trip report

Brown hooded kingfisher

Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa, is a very popular birding spot. I have spent many weekends there and met some awesome birders. There is also a restaurant called The Blue Crane.

A 50-meter boardwalk that is fenced on the dam side leads you to the hide. An 11.76 ha (29.1 acres) nature reserve is located in the Walkerspruit Open Space System, in the Nieuw Muckleneuk suburb of Pretoria, South Africa. It became the first bird refuge in Pretoria when it was opened by the then-mayor of Pretoria, Mr. W. J. Seymore, on 27 October 1956.

A former clay quarry at the confluence of Walker and Argo Spruit was allowed to fill with water, and some exotic trees were planted along its verges. In addition, nine small perennial dams or wetland basins have been created, some with artificial islands, to accommodate aquatic birds and animals. The natural veld type of the sanctuary is mixed bushveld.

Up to 170 native bird species have been recorded, but the presence or breeding of some have been transient, due to urbanization and other factors.

It is reasonably safe and I advise you to rather visit on weekends as there are more people visiting. During the week it can be dangerous to visit alone as robbers can easily steal your camera.

The bird hide is excellent as many birds are close and easy to photograph.

Brown-hooded Kingfisher

Egret Little
Little Egret
Waxbill Comon
Common Waxbill
Crane Blue
Blue Crane
Yellow-billed Duck – Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary
Yellow-billed Duck
Lesser Swamp-warbler – Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary
Lesser Swamp-warbler
Grey crowned crane – Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary
Grey-crowned crane
Green-backed heron – Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary
Green-backed heron
Mallard duck Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary
Mallard duck
Kingfisher Malachite Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary
Malachite kingfisher
Kingfisher Pied Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary
Pied kingfisher
Bittern Little Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary
Little bitter
Reed Cormorant Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary
Reed cormorant

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Content creator: Petrus A. van Tonder

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