Bird magazine February 2022

Bird magazine February 2022

Our February 2022 Standard bird magazine:

I am very privileged and happy to be able to bring you another magazine edition.

Our cover photo is an Indian Roller courtesy from Shashi Shinde. We randomly choose a bird photographer each month from Instagram. You can also feature in our next edition. All you have to do is to follow us on Instagram.

You will find that in the Standard edition, we are now adding some blog posts where you can just click and go directly to our website to read more valuable blog posts.

Our main article in the Premier edition is all about Toucans. Kimberly Perry explains the top five considerations when you are considering keeping a toucan as a pet. Then Amado Summers gives us an overview of how to breed them.

Have you ever wondered which parrot species live well together? We have a five-page article that will answer your question. The next article covers all about caring for your parrot’s feathers. In the finch section, we have some thoughts on worms and cover the White-eared Grass Finch.

I just love canaries and therefore started a new section for canaries. This month we cover feeding for canaries. In the budgie section, we cover dealing with heat stress. Birding is my great passion, and a regular birding section will again feature in each premier edition. The conservation section covers the Vinaceous-breasted Amazon: The Parrot of the Gods. And an Australian celebration of birds.

Many thanks to all the new Premier subscribers. Without your support, this magazine would not be possible. Happy reading, your birds are going to love you.

You can download this Standard bird magazine for February 2022 from:

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