Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No8

Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No8 Very welcome and thank you for reading another edition.

I am so grateful for receiving some fantastic feedback during July. Just when I almost gave up publishing the magazine, some bird lovers made me realize how important and valuable this magazine really is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This month our main article is about Red-bellied Parrots by Louis Bothma. The adult male and female differ dramatically from each other. More attention should be given to breeding these parrots as they are highly sought after in Europe and we believe that exportation will soon pick up.

Are Nandays safe to breed? Nest box interiors – Is darker better? What is the recommended health care for pet birds? Find these answers and much more in the Premier edition.

We are excited to offer you any 3 of the 8 eBooks we published, of your choice listed on pages 5 to 7, for FREE when you subscribe to the Premier magazine. These eBooks usually sell for $24 (R190) each. Subscription starts from only $4 (R65) per month!

Happy reading, and have a great month.
Petrus Albertus van Tonder and The World Wide Birds team (you the subscribers and the sponsors).

Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No8
Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No8

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