Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No7

Pdf bird Magazine Vol7 No7 Welcome to the world’s biggest and most-read pdf bird magazine.

Very welcome and thank you for reading another edition. Thank you very much for all the feedback received. I will implement your recommendations to make the magazine even more valuable.

Our main article this month cover Gang Gang Cockatoos. These Cockatoos are unique and they stand out amongst the rest. If provided with the correct requirements these birds will do well in our aviaries. Hopefully, with more and more successful breeding, we will see these delightful cockatoos becoming more readily available.

There is also a great article about finding foster parents by Tony Silva. At Loro Parque and Loro Parque Fundación environmental enrichment in parrots is a constant that is understood as essential for all types of parrots. And in the summer season, it is especially important for juvenile parrots that are beginning their development. Rafael Zamora Padrón supplied us with an article explaining on how to apply environmental enrichment in our aviaries. Please subscribe to the Premier magazine to read much more articles.

We are excited to offer you any 3 of the 8 eBooks we published, of your choice listed on the 5 to 6, for FREE when you subscribe to the Premier magazine. These eBooks normally sell for $24 (R190) each. Subscription starts from only $4 (R65) per month!

Happy reading, have a great month.

Petrus Albertus van Tonder and The World Wide Birds team (you the subscribers and the sponsors)

Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No7
Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No7

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