Is Cape Spurfowl endemic to South Africa?

Is Cape Spurfowl endemic to South Africa?

Pheasant family Phasianidae

Is Cape Spurfowl endemic to South Africa

The Cape spurfowl also called the Cape francolin is a game bird and is endemic to southern Africa, where it is the largest francolin. It is found in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

Is Cape Spurfowl endemic to South Africa? – By Sue Collins:

The birds seemed to be in abeyance in the garden this afternoon. I’m still not walking very far or very much but I decided to walk out of the garden gate to where the farmyard proper, and the barn and the workshops are. There’d be more light and sun, and with everybody gone for the weekend, I thought there might be something interesting lurking around. Nothing. At least I thought nothing until my eye was caught by movement there by the cab of an old dead lorry (you know what I mean by an old dead lorry, right?). It was a Cape Spurfowl.

She – I assumed it was a she as it was a good bit smaller than some other Cape Spurfowl I’ve seen – didn’t seem too alarmed by my presence and walked quietly away from me gracefully and with dignity. Now if that had been a Guinea Fowl there’d have been cluckings and squawkings reminiscent of a Victorian Virgin being suddenly and unceremoniously tipped into a Sultan’s Harem and the thing would have run for the hills in a cloud of dust and small pebbles. I chose a photo with the bit of dead lorry in it as I liked the pose better; she had her face towards me, and she was standing on a patch of green grass.

And, frankly, I like the expression in her eyes. Outside Elna’s Garden, 20km outside Citrusdal. Canon Powershot SX60HS, 1/2000sec, f6.3, ISO 400, fl 151,334.

Book available – Gamebirds of Southern Africa Kindle Edition

Gamebirds have been utilized since prehistoric times for both food and sport. The 21 upland species found in southern Africa include francolins, spurfowl, quails, guineafowl and sandgrouse. Interesting text summarizes the latest scientific research, while illustrated plates by Simon Barlow are works of art, conveying in accurate and painstaking detail each species in its environment. Authoritative text and beautiful artwork combine to make this a significant and worthy ornithological volume: an essential addition to the bookshelves of birders, artists, lovers of nature and the conservation-minded.

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