Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No10

Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No10 Welcome to the world’s biggest and most-read pdf bird magazine.

This month our main article is about Brown-headed Parrots by Rolf Dennison. They generally have a sweet temperament. These relatively small parrots also tend to be quieter than other parrot species, making them a good choice for apartment dwellers. Brown-headed Parrots are magnificent at mimicking sounds and whistles.

There is also a great article about Senegal Parrots by Jean Pattison. Senegals are wonderful birds for apartment dwellers due to their size and quiet behavior. They can learn to say a few phrases, which they take delight in repeating to their owners. Some have been known to have huge vocabularies.
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Happy reading, and have a great month.
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Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No10
Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No10

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