Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No11

Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No11 – Welcome to the world’s biggest and most-read pdf bird magazine.

I am feeling blessed and thankful to know that you are reading another edition to learn about birds.
This month our main article is about Meyer’s Parrots. Since these little parrots like to climb, cages with horizontal bars (at least on two sides) work best as they will allow your pet to climb around more easily. Offering a separate play gym, either on top of the cage or as a separate item, will provide a safe place to hang out when your pet is out of the cage.

The following question gets answered in detail in the Premier edition: “I really enjoy owning and breeding the Pyrrhura conures, but I am concerned about the mutation varieties and how one should go about breeding them.”

Kimberly Perry has an article about Toucan tea. Diseases of the heart, general vascular system, and therapies are well-researched in the human field, but scientific and clinical literature in pet birds is still somewhat limited. Dr. Nemetz explains in an article in this edition.

Don’t forget your WWB Points. Collect 60 WWB Points and get a 3-month Premier magazine subscription or any eBook of your choice. More details are on page 5.

Happy reading, and have a great month.
Petrus Albertus van Tonder and The World Wide Birds team (you the subscribers and the sponsors)


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