Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No2

Welcome to Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No2

It’s February already and the magazine is growing day by day. It’s amazing to know that so many bird lovers are reading the magazine, thank you.

Our main article this month is about the Dusky-headed Conure by David Dennison. The Dusky-headed Conure, along with the Peach-fronted Conure and Pet’s Conure, make a very pleasant group of small Aratinga conures to keep and work with. For those breeders interested in smaller conures, this bird is a good choice.

One of our subscribers asked me to publish an article about preventative medicines. Therefore, I included a four-page article in the Premier edition.

Kashmir Csaky wrote a very interesting article about eye contact that is also in the Premier edition. Eye contact is an important behavior to teach and to be aware that it is a learned behavior.

You can subscribe to the Premier edition to read some great articles. Remember that you can subscribe monthly, six-monthly, and yearly. There are very easy subscription links for all countries on our website.

Happy reading and I am already looking forward to working on the March edition.

Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No2

Pdf bird magazine Vol7 No2

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